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Our Mission:


It is our desire and goal at Generation II Generation to ensure that all families are heard, validated, and supported. We partner with families to help them access the tools and resources needed to have a birthing experience that will guide each family in making the best decisions for their body, their baby, and their family.

Birthing Items: Birth Balls, Flameless Candles, Oils, Combs, Mirrors, Oil Diffuser, Ice Pack, Heat Pack, Small Fan,  

Postpartum Items: Maternity Pads, Nursing Bras, Door Dash Gift Card, Breast Pumps, Breast Pads, Boppy Pillows, Tucks or Preparation H, 

Baby Items: Diapers, Wipes, A&D Ointment, Onesies, Pack N' Play, Diaper Bags, Sleepers, Baby Wash, Baby Lotion. 


A Special Thank You
To Every Donation Given to support mothers during their strongest and most vulnerable time. 

We sincerely thank you!

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